There’s nothing like a bit of good old exploitation to drive stacks of cash into your bank account – just ask the parents of any child you may happen to see on the TV. The kings of such financial squeezing? Undoubtedly the parents of Charlie and Harry – YouTube’s most famous brothers. Yep – them again. And guess what? They’re making a lot more monies.

The ‘Charlie bit my finger’ boys – last seen on this site about a week ago for signing a deal that’ll see them create a new viral series, have just cropped up in an American ad for pasta sauce-purveyor Ragu:

Now, bearing in mind we’re talking about a video that landed online five years ago, it’s a little bit odd that the boys are only suddenly getting their teeth into new projects.

The reason? New management. Harry and Charlie are now being looked after by Rightster studios, and there seems to be a concerted effort to take the half-a-billion views from YouTube and force some money out of it. Fair enough, really.

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It’ll be interesting to see quite how much value the boys’ parents and management will eventually be able to squeeze from a mildly-amusing minute-long YouTube clip, but it’s already over $500,000 (£312,000).

Got kids? Maybe it’s time to get the video camera out before they get old enough to resent you for using them.

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    This is new way of making money and raising future child stars no one knows when both is these brothers got casted in a reality show

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