That Apple TV box of yours… It’s very nice, but don’t you wish it did a bit more? Apple’s mucked about with live-streaming events in the past, but now it’s poised to buy a company with tech built to do just that. Is Apple TV finally about to cease being just a ‘hobby’?

Color, which is an iOS and Android app that lets users share video and images across various social networks, is more than just a one-trick pony. According to reports, it’s developed a new tech that allows for 1080p HD streaming without sucking up very much bandwidth. And Apple’s interested.

Word has it that the Cupertino company is in talks to buy Color and all the juicy tech therein. To us, this can only mean one thing: Apple wants to take Apple TV more seriously, and intends to bring live-streamed broadcasts to the box on a regular basis, delivered over WiFi.

Apple TV’s live 3am broadcast

There’ve been plenty of rumours in the past about Apple engaging in talks with content providers such as sports broadcasters, but if it does end up owning some top-flight HD broadcasting tech then chances are things are set to ramp up.

Keep an eye on that little black box – it could be about to impress.

Via Phone Arena

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