You’re a massive company; how do you communicate with your customers, fans and haters? With professional decorum? Or as if they’re a friend? The correct answer, obviously, is that you should just arse around and enjoy yourselves.

Bodyform subscribes to this school of thought, and it’s just won the internet this week for doing so…

Last week O2 made headlines by responding to a Twitter complaint my mimicking said complainer’s street speak. It was witty enough to cause a storm in the PR world. Is this how we should be doing social media? Is this right? Or will it just piss people off?

The answer, as time marches on, seems to be that, yes, addressing your commenters in a bespoke manner is the key to PR wins. The latest online pioneer? Time-of-the-month stalwart Bodyform.

On October 8th, Bodyform received a post on its Facebook page from one Richard Neill, who was upset that the company had been portraying women’s week of hell as a chance to go parachuting and swimming and horse riding and the like.

It was an obviously tongue-in-cheek post (and does seem to be legit – Neill’s Facebook profile doesn’t seem to have been hastily made-up), but Bodyform decided it needed a thorough answer.

And when we say thorough, we mean hilarious:

It’s the little touches that make it… The blue liquid. The pent up rage. It’s touching perfection. Whoever masterminded this deserves an award.

Either way, it’s garnered 135,000 views in about 12 hours, and only further proves the main message: act like you’re a company made of real, actual people, and good things will surely follow.


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