Everyone wants to be famous, even if it’s just for a fraction of second. This is nothing new, and it’s a fact that’s been exploited on TV and in campaigns since forever. But there is still new ground being broken, and new ways to make people feel all special. Case in point? The upcoming Halo 4 marketing machine, which wants to recruit you and your heroic visage.

The arrival of social media as a mainstay on on day-to-day TV has rolled in at a similar pace to the introduction of mild peril in a Harry Potter book, but it’s not finished yet. Not by a country mile.

You may be able to get your Tweets read out on the X Factor or on your local news on a daily basis, but what about a picture of your face? That’s the frontier that Microsoft wants to burst through with its UK campaign for the launch of Halo 4.

Sign up for the ‘roll call of honour’ on the game’s Facebook page, and you could become one of the heroes who makes it onto the second TV ad for the game, set to be aired on Channel 4 after its November 6th launch. That’s coming after an initial ad next week, which has been directed by David Fincher. Somewhat apt really, given that he also directed The Social Network.

The ad will be live, choosing random Facebook fans pics and info, as well as broadcasting the number of people playing the game online at that exact moment. Microsoft expects that to number in the millions, but either way, it’ll be the player faces that really break new ground for a TV campaign.

Best get your profile picture sorted out. Now, where’s that Master Chief helmet gone?

Link: Halo 4 on Facebook

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