Apple has just fired out its latest clue-laden invite, finally time revealing the date for the iPad mini launch event. Set wallets to the ‘ready’ position…

Apple has sent out invites for its iPad mini event, enticing tech media types with the words “We’ve got a little more to show you.” The event is set to take place in the California Theatre in San Jose.

While the only info aside from the date and place is currently still speculation, we’re all expecting a 7.85-inch iPad to rival Google’s Nexus 7, the Kindle Fire and the myriad other 7-inch tabs.

It’s likely that the iPad mini will hit stores within 10 days of the October 23rd launch, allowing Apple to soak up maximum Christmas gift sales – analysts seem to think that the iPad mini will go for a gift-tastic £200.

The invite is as hint-ridden as is the norm for Apple. How so? Check out our extended look at Apple’s event invite history below to find out…

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  • Rufus Pearce

    Didn’t Steve Jobs say that 7″ was way too small for a tablet? :-p

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