Microsoft’s 2012 is a pretty busy one. On top of launching Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, it’s also found time to bring about its own cross-platform Spotify rival. Xbox Music is finally landing tomorrow, but what does it actually do?

Xbox Music was announced back in June, during Microsoft’s E3 keynote, and promises to be a Windows lover’s one-stop shop for music streaming and buying. Yep – it’s offering both a download service as well as a subscription-based streaming model.

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That subscription will set you back $9.99 monthly (likely to be £9.99 in the UK) and offer you the ability to make and store playlists, listen to artist radio and… Well, just watch the video:

If you’re fully curled up in bed with Microsoft’s kit, Xbox Music will really shine: the Metro UI-styled service is built to sync wirelessly between Windows 8 PCs/tablets, the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone handsets. Xbox Music will launch tomorrow (Tuesday 16th).

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