iPhone-schmiPhone, right? While it may only be controlling around four per cent of the smartphone market, Windows Phone has a loyal fan base clamoring for the next batch of handsets, sporting the next iteration of the OS - Windows Phone 8. Good news, then: he wait is almost over.

The official Microsoft launch date for Windows Phone 8 is locked in for the end of this month: October 29th. But news from US carriers suggests that anyone keen to ensure a day one delivery will be able to pre-order sooner than that.

Hands-on with the Nokia Lumia 920

US network AT&T has revealed that it’ll be accepting pre-orders for both Nokia and HTC’s Windows Phone 8 handsets from October 21st. There’s been no word from UK carriers, but you can expect that those dates will be pretty similar on this side of the Atlantic.

Whether Windows Phone 8 can make a bigger splash than the current breed of Windows Phone remains to be seen, but there are certainly some strong handsets coming from its biggest manufacturers, such as the rather sexy Lumia 920…

Source: The Verge

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