YouTube is a powerful beast, and it’s changing fast. While its owner Google is currently pumping wads of cash into turning the site into a bona fide TV content hub, other companies are starting to see the value in even the most humble of clips. Case in point? Viral tour de force ‘Charlie bit my finger’ – which is now being turned into a series.

Isn’t it time you made more cash from the world’s biggest video hosting site?

You’ve seen ‘Charlie bit my finger’. You’ve got an internet connection, so you’ve definitely seen it. Hell, even if you claim you haven’t, you probably have. So many people have sat and watched the cannibalistic infant, in fact, that it’s made the Davies-Carr family who filmed the 56-second masterpiece, in excess of $500,000 (£312,000).

Youtube ups its original content game

And that’s a lot of dollar for a home video – certainly more than You’ve Been Framed is willing to dish out. You don’t get that for nought, though. The original ‘Charlie’ video currently commands a view count of 486 million, and that’s enough to make it a brand.

The rights to the video are looked after by Viral Spiral, a company that jumps on viral smash hits and turns them into marketable commodities. Charlie bit my finger, for example, is now a blog, a Twitter feed and a range of T-shirts as well as just a mildly amusing sequence of images and sounds.

Now production company Rightster Studios wants in on the influx of cash, and has inked a deal to make an original series of shows starring the two brothers in the video, who’re now six and eight years old.

Money has changed hands here, but it’s a bit of a mystery as to how much. Either way, what started off in 2007 as an innocent video upload is now a mega brand – and a mega brand that’s about to become even bigger, some five years later.

With this and the move to expand YouTube’s big name original content production with a huge $200 million financial injection, it seems like we’re only now getting to the point where we can see what the video hosting site’s true powers are, and what its value to the uploaders could be.

If two kids can earn over £300,000 in 56 seconds, what can you achieve with a bit of care and attention?

Oh, and incase you have actually been living under some sort of 56k modem web rock for the last half-decade, here’s the original video in all its glory. Watch it and laugh.

Laugh damn you! It’s mildly amusing!

Source: Mashable

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