Samsung may be embroiled in legal wrangles with Apple, but they haven’t dented its profits. Not yet, anyway.

Samsung reckons it’ll post a third-quarter operating profit of $7.3 billion (£4.5bn). That’s up a whopping 90 percent on the same time last year. Crazy.

Samsung punted out the figures to investors ahead of its third quarter earnings report. It’s expecting a fourth straight record quarter, with overall operating profit of 8.1 trillion won ($7.3 billion, or £4.5 billion). That trounces the expected figure of 7.6 trillion won. Third quarter sales were 52 trillion won.

The full quarterly results will be disclosed on 26 October.

But it’s not all rosey over at Samsung. At the end of August it lost a whopping $1 billion to Apple in the biggest court case in tech history. Apple is seeking another $700 million from the Korean company as well.

And that could be the least of its worries. Apple is likely to try and ban as many Samsung products from sale as it can, not only those that were found to infringe its patents, but similar ones too. That means the bans could extend to newer devices like the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. So Samsung could well be in deep trouble, should these bans be imposed.

Enjoy the champagne now Samsung. There could be trouble ahead…

Link: CNET

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