Xbox Music is coming this month. That’s according to sources “familiar with Microsoft’s plans” anyway. But it would make sense, launching the same day as Windows 8.

The streaming service won’t replace Zune Music Pass subscriptions, but will co-exist as a free ad-supported Spotify-style offering.

You’ll be able to get Xbox Music on your Windows Phone device, Windows 8 PC or tablet, and of course Xbox 360. Microsoft does plan to roll it out to other platforms like iOS and Android, but it won’t be available at launch.

It’ll integrate with SkyDrive as well, so you’ll be able to store music and playlists in the cloud and access them from various devices, possibly more than one at a time. Though we’ll have to wait for confirmation on that.

An Xbox dashboard update is also due. Microsoft’s Music and Video apps for Windows 8 will be updated to support Xbox Music as well.

With all these details, a launch this month sounds a dead cert to us. Roll on the 26th.

Link: The Verge

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