Enraged by the awfulness of Apple Maps? Well here’s one simple trick that’ll make it slightly less terrible.

It won’t put Heathrow Airport back from its current position by Hyde Park. Nor will it move Luton from by the sea. But it will make everything a lot more legible.

All you have to do is head to the Settings menu, select Maps, and go to Label Size. Click Small, and a lot more labels will show up on-screen. Those streets Apple deemed too narrow to warrant space on the map will now appear, and place names won’t be obscured by points of interest.

The change should be almost instant. It doesn’t use up any more network data. And zooming in and out will stay just as smooth. Wins all round then.

The new Apple Maps was met with cries of how terrible it was when it launched two weeks ago. CEO Tim Cook penned an open letter to customers on the Apple website, apologising for its failing. He even recommended rivals like Google Maps and Nokia Maps. For Apple to recommend rivals, you know something must be seriously wrong. Or is it the beginning of a whole new friendlier chapter in Apple’s history?

Via Cult of Mac

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