We could see a new UK-based internet domain coming soon, ending in .uk. It should have tightened security, but will be more expensive for companies and individuals looking to protect their names.

So, will you be shelling out on yourname.uk?

The new domain won’t replace the traditional yourname.co.uk, but will exist alongside it. It’s only been proposed at the moment, and a three-month consultation is under way. If you want to get on board you’ll have to prove you or your company have a UK presence.

The bad news? You’ll have to pay more than for the standard yourname.co.uk domain (£20 a year, compared to about a fiver for two years for the .co.uk). Ouch.

Icann (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is in the process of making hundreds of domains like .home, .shop, and .play. So it could prove an expensive few months for companies or individuals wanting to protect their identities. If they don’t register, they risk having to buy them off opportunistic foes who get there first.

Non-profit body Nominet is proposing the .uk domain. “We have been asked over the many years we’ve been in operations as to whether or not we would allow these shorter domain names,” Eleanor Bradley, Nominet’s director of operations, told the BBC.

Bradley promises the domain will be safer than others.

“We would do daily malware scanning of these domain names and associated sites and they would be DNSSEC-signed – that’s a security protocol that adds a digital signature to a domain to minimise the risk of domain-hijacking, and it also ensures that when you are going to go to a domain you reach the one you wanted to reach.

“It would all be brought together with a Trust Mark so that consumers and people visiting these .uk domain names would get an immediate indication of the security and nature of the registration.”

Any additional earnings will go to an independent trust to improve internet access and security.

The consultation will run until January 7th. For more, check out Nominet’s website.

Link: BBC

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