Odd one, this. Samsung seems to be taking aim at Apple’s new iPod touch, but it’s doing so with a phone, rather than a standalone MP4 player. Can a Galaxy-branded music phone be the new Walkman?

If the rumours are true, Samsung’s hard at work on a handset it’ll call the Galaxy Music. The device will be an Android-powered number, shipping with Ice Cream Sandwich at first, and making the jump to Jelly Bean shortly thereafter.

The musical juice will be squeezed from Samsung’s Music Hub service, but with the handset running Android, you’ll have your pick of third party music services.

Galaxy S4 coming in the Spring?

What’s interesting is the rumoured spec. By all accounts, the Galaxy Music’s 850MHz processor and 512MB of RAM is vastly underpowered, which suggests that Sammie’s going to aim the phone squarely at the budget/youth market.

No pricing’s yet been released, but it’ll be interesting if Samsung can be competitive enough to pry teens and the like away from Apple stores.

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