Sky’s finally made good on its promise to put its partnership with the Zeebox app to good use, pulling its socially-tuned goodness into the Sky+ iPad app. But what’s going on with the iPhone one?

Second screen tech is the future – or so we keep being told. The problem thus far has been giving anyone a good enough reason to leave the confines of Twitter and into more involved apps.

Zeebox is probably the main contender in that space, but up until now not much has come from its partnership with Sky, save for a few TV ads. Now that’s changed, though: Sky has pulled Zeebox into the heart of its Sky+ app for the iPad.

TV Tagging: Shazam enters Zeebox’ turf

Those new powers have transformed each TV show’s page in the app to include a live stream of news, tweets and a list of relevant apps. All well and good, but the iPhone app hasn’t had any such love.

What’s more, Sky’s not yet updated the app to fit the iPhone 5’s screen. That may not seem like a big deal, but with every app that does make the jump in size, the ones that don’t seem more and more apathetic to the cause.

Come on guys, pull your fingers out!

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