Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. Just yesterday we went on a bit of a cynical rant about how RIM’s BB10 OS doesn’t look quite as sexy as it probably should, and now the company famed for its chronic uncoolness has gone and made things worse. Ready to cringe?

RIM is at BlackBerry Jam, unveiling both the newest build of its BB10 OS as well as its developer channel – Alpha B. But far be it from the company to miss any opportunity to hit a little wide of the ‘cool’ and ‘aspirational’ mark.

Anti-Apple: Another RIM fail?

The below is a video screened to developers, reassuring them that the company still loves them, and stressing how important it is that BlackBerry maintain strong developer support. And it’s like something out of The Office. It’s so Dad-rock it’s painful; someone at RIM’s turned the crazy right up to eleven.

As RIM’s straight-man CEO Thorsten Heins would say: Let’s rock and roll this!

  • WhySoSerious

    Personally this video made me laugh! Where’s your sense of humour? Seems like you guys are on a downer for BB for the past few days. Give them a chance will you?!

  • Matt Hudson

    It reminded me of the computing days of old when it wasn’t such a vendor competitive environment, good luck to RIM.. BB10 looks pretty damn good so far. How about being positive about something for a change EP?

  • James Barker

    Agree with the other comments – this video works.

    Obviously it isn’t ‘cool’ but it isn’t meant to be – it’s aimed at RIM app developers for ***’s sake!

    I’ll take this over Lady Gaga’s uber-cringe Chrome endorsement all day long.

    And I’m gonna keeeeeeep on looovvinggg yyooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuu!

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