RIM needs to get a move on. While the competition grows and grows, and the app portfolio of even Windows Phone (the newest of the OS bunch) is now burgeoning, the next version of the BlackBerry OS is languishing in development. We’ve just seen some new leaked screens, but is it all a bit too stoic?

BB10 is due to land in the first new BlackBerry handsets early next year. It’s a brand new operating system for RIM, and has been built from the ground up for touchscreen devices. But, dear God, does it look a bit bland.

The screens above are newly leaked pics of the mail app and the sliding tiles system of navigating through the phone. Call us overly cynical, but the whole thin seems to lack a bit of design nous. There’s just no polish there.

The next-gen BlackBerry handset revealed

We know that BlackBerry handsets have traditionally been workhorses, but there’s always room for a bit of UI sheen. As it is, BB10 looks perfunctory and nothing else.

We really hope RIM manages to dig its way up and out of its current hole with this, but BB10 will need to offer something genuinely compelling for that to happen. Do you think that this is enough? Let us know below.

More pics: Phone Arena


    Well I’m definately gonna wait for BB10 before getting an iphone 5 or the windows 8 phone, I’m just a little upset that my 9900 won’t be upgradable to BB10 but it makes perfect sense, I can’t wait

  • Joe public

    Unbelievable that these so called tech bloggers seem to be the least educated people to write on tech. All these so calleds leaks are from tester phones for the Cellular networks. I highly doubt a company would release a fully polished product months in advance of releasing it DUH…

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