HTC One X: Jelly Bean date confirmed

Got an HTC One X? Good on you: HTC’s flagship Android handset is a brilliantly powerful beast. Only trouble so far is that it’s now a bit behind the times as far as OS iterations goes. Good job, then, that an update to Jelly Bean is on the way.

The One X looks set to receive its update in October, according to word from Modaco. As per usual, we’re talking about unbranded, SIM-free handsets first, though. Anyone with a One X that’s tied to a carrier will have to wait a bit longer whilst they iron out the kinks.

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The good news, though, is that you shouldn’t have to wait too long after that – Android 4.1 should be available for every HTC One X by the time Christmas rolls around. In terms of what to expect? HTC will almost definitely kick out a skinned version of Jelly Bean, with its Sense UI smothered on top.

There’s no word just yet on the fate of the HTC One S, other than to say that Jelly Bean is coming at some point. Once the update is all good and done, the One X will be replaced in stores with the One X+, which’ll run Jelly Bean out of the box.

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