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If you’ve got an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and are unsure as to whether it’ll be worth your cash upgrading to the new iPhone 5, we’ve got the only reason to do so that makes any sense.

Considering Apple’s new handset? On the fence about upgrading? Maybe we can sway you.

The iPhone 5 has a two-tone back plate, the majority of which is made of matte aluminium. The iPhone 4 and 4S has a back made of glass, which was polished to a mirror sheen. You know why that’s important? That matte aluminium will probably put an end to all this nonsense…

To Hades with you, slidey-Phone!


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  • Anonymous

    A simple $5 silicone sleeve does away with slidey-phone….and protects it if you do manage to drop it. I use one on my iPhone 4 and it still looks like new after two years (great for resale value). I just ordered one for my pre-ordered iPhone 5, which should arrive about the same time.

    • James Holland

      Urgh. I do not want a silicone-textured phone.

  • cgs101

    I think this is the most expensive iPhone to date… I thought gadgets were supposed to get cheaper every cycle? The 64GB phone on Orange UK will set you back £270 on the £36 a month tariff (for 24 months)… exorbitant … and it looks like the networks are not making the nano-sims as easily available as the micro-sims had been for the 4. This makes buying the 5 from the Apple Store a very bad idea… (as you may get stuck with a sim-less phone)

  • cjkelly1

    What a Con !!!

  • Johnya

    Too expensive 64gb £275 cash plus £36 per month for 24 months,that is £864 making a total of £1139. Its a day light robbery. No thanks I will stick to my Galaxy S3. More flexible and freedom .

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