The iPhone 5 is certainly a pretty looking thing, but one of the design choices that’s probably going to enrage a lot of buyers is the new Lightning charging dock and cable. Sure, the phone comes with one, but that’s not going to mean a lot to the kind of people who like to keep chargers everywhere. Luckily, help is at hand.

Apple’s announced two official adapters for the iPhone 5 and new iPod lineup, to help ease the problem of not having enough compatible charge points around the house.

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The Lightning to 30-pin adapter will transform any existing iPod or iPhone charger into a Lightning port. That’ll set you back a rather annoying £25. If you live with a bunch of Android or other smartphone owners, you could also buy an adapter to capitalise on that.

Apple’s Lightning to Micro USB module will let you usurp and Android charger for your own gain. That’s a more manageable £15 from the Apple store.

None of this is ideal, but give it time and the iPhone cables of yore will disappear forever.

  • BigNellie

    £15 for a tiny bit of plastic and metal? When will Apple stop taking the pi$$ out of their customers? Why the hell could they not just go micro-usb like everyone else? it would be better for the planet, apart from anything else.

  • Tim Nederlandse Moed Pyke

    having read the official website details, it looks like the adapter only makes the charging part work on your old docks. You won’t be able to play the music on your new iPhone 5 via your old dock.

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