Watch the iPhone 5 crash Twitter

How many times have you read a tweet about the iPhone 5 today? Ten? Fifteen? A hundred? Needless to say, Apple’s announcement is already the subject of much debate and excitement. But just how much? And will Twitter cope?

CheerMeter and Listening Pro have built a page that lets you watch the iPhone tweets gather in pace as we head into this evening’s announcement. At the time of writing, iPhone 5 tweets have numbered 50,000+ in the past hour.

Twitter’s six biggest problems

With the hours combined, that puts today’s iPhone 5 tweet count at 495,000 – over 1,000 per cent higher than yesterday’s already. The current record high, set this morning, was something in the region of 73,000 tweets per hour focussing on the iPhone 5’s announcement.

The page also pulls in live tweets and Instagram pics tagged with ‘iPhone 5′ on the fly, to help you see what’s being said and snapped.

How much higher will that number be when the announcement kicks off at 6pm UK time? And can Apple tweets bring Twitter crumbling to its knees?

Keep an eye on the iPhone 5 CheerMeter page to find out.

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