It’s not just the iPhone 5, you know…

Apple has had a busy evening. Not only has the iPhone 5 become a reality, but the company’s flagship handset has been joined by two new iPods and an update to iTunes. Wanna know what the what is? Read on…

iPod touch

The flagship iPod has had a redesign to match the iPhone 5. It’s got the same 4-inch display with the same resolution, but is only 88g in weight and 6.1mm thick. Which is mental. Despite that tiny waistline, it’s got the A5 processor found in the iPhone 4S, making it ‘7 times faster’ graphics than the old iPod touch.

Where it differs from the iPhone 5’s design is the back, which is brushed aluminium all the way. It’s also got a speaker, for the first time. Playback time for music is 40 hours, or 8 for video, while the rear camera has been upgraded to a 5-Meg iSight jobbie and the front to a 720p FaceTime cam.

The biggest news? Siri on the iPod touch for the first time, and it’ll come in five colors: aluminum, black, blue, yellow and red.

iPod nano

“We really wanted to take the chance to reinvent the nano” said Apple’s Greg Joswick. SO that’s what they did. The 7th-gen nano is 5.4mm thin, with a 2.5-inch touchscreen, a home button and physical buttons on the side.

It comes in aluminium, black, purple, green, blue, yellow and red. And it looks pretty swish. Very Sony, in our opinion, but swish nonetheless. What’s more: with that larger screen, Apple has taken the chance to bring back video playback.

It’s got the new Lightning connector and boasts a 30-hour life for music. The only downside? It’s still not iOS proper, so there’s no app support.

And, finally, there’s Bluetooth.


The disctinctive white iPod headphones have finally received an upgrade. now called EarPods, they’re the answer to years of frustration over crappy in-ear lugs. ”Doing a great headphone is hard, because ears are really, really challenging, because everyone’s ears are different,” says Apple – so the problem called for a different solution.

The EarPods are designed to fit a multitude of ear shapes and sizes, by not actually fitting. They don’t close up your lug hole, but rather direct sound around in a more controlled ay via three different ports. Sounds good to us.


Nothing major here. People who dislike Apple’s music service are unlikely to have a change of heart, but the design has been changed for the iPad and iPhone with iOS 6, to make it easier to navigate by touch.

The Mac and PC clients have also had a facelift. Apple calls it ‘dramatically simpler’ – it’s been carved down to a basic grid system. Again, this isn’t anything to lose sleep over, but it’s a nice update nonetheless.

The best bit is probably the updated mini player. Discrete but more useful. iTunes for Mac and PC will be out in October.

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