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It’s here. Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken to the stage to unveil what’s almost definitely the most eagerly anticipated iPhone yet. What’s the scoop? Read on, intrepid phone fan, and we’ll tell you all you need to know about the iPhone’s 6th iteration.

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When the iPhone 4S landed, it was met with grumbles that it didn’t look different enough from the 4 to please those who use it as a status symbol. No such worries here; the iPhone 5 bears only a passing resemblance to its predecessors with an updated chassis all the way round.

And it’s exactly what those previous rumours alluded to. The iPhone 5 has a taller body hewn of glass an aluminium, with a two-tone back. It’s just 7.6mm thin, making it 18 per cent thinner than the 4S. It’s also 20 per cent lighter at 112g.


Yep, it’s bigger. Just as we all expected, the iPhone 5 becomes the first to grow in screen size. The new display is 4-inch beast, which is just as wide as all the displays prior, albeit taller.

That extra height gives it something very close to a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is will give you more bang for your buck when watching movies and videos. Apple’s obviously still proud to call this a Retina Display: through its pixel-squeezing magic, the resolution is a stunning 1136 x 640, with 326ppi. That allows for five rows of homescreen apps.

New apps will be built to fit the screen, while old ones will letterbox. Either way, Apple claims it’s very easy to update apps to the new size.


While the iPhone 4S still sports one of the best cameras in the smartphone market, Apple’s not one to rest on its laurels. The iPhone 5 camera is a stunning update to the iSight range, packing the same 8-Meg sensor as  found in the iPhone 4S, but it’s been dramatically thinned down. Add to that 1080p video with facial recognition, a faster shutter speed, panorama mode and a 720p front-facing number, and things are looking good.

In short, the iPhone 5 should worry even the newly announced Nokia 920 in terms of camera quality.

Specs and 4G

The iPhone 5′s innards have been beefed up no end. In terms of raw engine room power, Apple’s flagship handset now sports an A6 processor with twice the graphics and processing power. The radio is a 4G LTE number, which means it’ll run seamlessly with EE’s new 4G service that launched in the UK yesterday. That will give you mobile web speeds of around 30MBps at the top end.

The battery life has been upped, too. These are your key specs at a glance: 8 hours of 3G talk time, 8 of 3G browsing, 8 of LTE browsing, 10 hours of video, 40 of music, 10 hours of WiFi browsing and 225 hours of offline standby time.


As had been revealed on multiple occassions, the iPhone 5 loses the 15-pin dock connector, making it the first iOS or iPod device to do so. Instead, Apple’s shrunk the charging port down, gifting more space for the speaker grill.

The new charging connector is called Lighting, and is an eight-connection slither of its past self. It’s reversible, making it easier to connect. Thankfully, Apple’s making a wide range of accessories to adapt your iPhone 5 to your old docks and cables.

iOS 6

The iPhone 5 will ship with iOS 6 out of the box. That gives the phone access to the raft of new features that were outed back at WWDC in June. Namely, Google Maps has been ousted in favour of Apple’s own mapping service. This brings with it free turn-by-turn navigation for the first time.

There’s also the Passbook app for all your buying and ticketing needs, and Siri’s been updated to include movie listings, sports and a wealth of other info. There are a myriad other tweaks to the system, too.

The iPhone 5 will land in the UK (in black or white) on September 21st (pre-orders from the 14th), and is priced the same as the iPhone 4S was for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models. iOS 6 drops on September 19th.

Got all that? We’ll be updating this post with pictures as soon as we can.

  • Jgarcia1987

    So basically a bigger and slightly improved 4s. Nothing new or exciting. Will be sticking to my Samsung Galaxy s3.

  • Anonymous

    And the adapters cost ……….how much?

    • Anonymous

      And the answer is – in the USA $29 for the adapter – WTF!

  • Anthony Barberio

    I agree with Jgarcia, not enough major improvements besides making the screen a little bit bigger, looks like I’ll be going with the samsung galaxy s3 as well!

  • Anonymous

    No NFC? You gotta be kidding… #fail

  • Anonymous

    4″ beast? looks a bit small these days.

  • wanderer

    From what I have read, there would be no way I would change from my s3 to iPhone, the s3 is a powerhouse, outshines the new iPhone, no question.

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