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The iPhone 5 has just been officially unveiled by Tim Cook and his legion of Apple staff, and we’ve been hands-on. Along with a huge collection of photos, here’s our very first impressions of the new handset…

We acknowledge that a few minutes isn’t anywhere near enough for a proper review, so please treat this as merely a description of what the iPhone 5 feels like, more than anything else. These words come straight from EP editor James Holland, who’s been at the Apple event in London:

“The bigger screen feels a little alien at first, but it allows lengthier swipes – it’s more comfortable when trawling through lists of songs or long web pages.

iPhone 5 official: specs and details

“The fit and finish is indeed spectacular. It’s not a solid block of metal, but it feels like one. The joins are almost imperceivable to the touch. If you’re not looking, it feels like an aluminium slate with no gaps. Thankfully, the screen is just as bright and punchy as ever.

“The lightness makes it feel like a completely different phone. the slight chamfer to the edge is what does it. It’s really light and thin, and the big screen is actually a boon, although it feels very weird at first.”

James sums up thusly: “At this point, having owned every model, my iPhone is like an extension of my arm. And my arm just grew by [nearly] an inch, it feels alien, but in a nice way. I’ll definitely get used to it.”

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately you will be paying an insane amount for the adapters – £25 for 30 pin to lightning and £30 for a cable. Just pure greed and has put me off

    Just dumb. Wait for the bad press. Bumper gate all over again

    • James Holland

      Such is the life of a gadget fan. I speak as a man with HD-DVDs still lining a living room shelf. Sigh.

  • http://twitter.com/sellmymobile Sell My Mobile

    I would have liked to see NFC and wireless charging, but to be honest the sleeky design, and the lightness looks really impressive.

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