It’s probably a tough job, coming up with endless inspiring marketing imagery. Once you’ve done a few, it must be easy to give up and lose your momentum. We don’t know quite what’s happened at EE HQ, but the UK’s first 4G service has just served up a slice of horrendously depressing gold on its press page.

Will 4G be humanity’s downfall, finally turning us into the jellatinous, charmless blobs depicted in Wall-E? It will if this image is anything to go by.

Seriously. This is just grim. Look at the bloke right at the back, just holding onto his sandwich. Look at how sad he is. And this lot at the front. And that poor woman who’s being made to stress out about Pie Charts on her time off.

In fact there’s three people on that bench on the right – why aren’t they talking to each other? Why aren’t any of these humans talking to each other? I think it’s because 4G has crushed their souls. I really do.

You know what message this sends?

“4G: Helping you forget all about your upsettingly dull life, one lunch break at a time.”

“4G: For when you want to sit on the block of stone outside your office.”

“4G: Because we know you hate your co-workers.”

“4G: Please keep looking down.”

Sigh. Aspirational, this ain’t. Ah well; it’s probably not all that bad in reality. Click the link below to see what 4G will mean to you when it slam dunks into your next phone.

The 4G UK launch:

- EE 4G comes to the UK: Get all the details


  • James Gibbard

    That’s exactly what I thought when I saw it this morning… how depressing. The terrible thing is, that I doubt its too far from reality.

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