There’s a lot of money to be had in the ‘second screen’ phenomenon. But, whilst many companies are keen to turn your interest into purchases, it’s good to know that there’s also a movement to try and inject some fun into watching the box. Zeebox and Chyron’s new partnership aims to do just that.

Zeebox is the name most people think of when it comes to second screen tools. The mobile app made a name for itself before quickly getting snapped up by Sky, and offers the very best in companion appery.

Not heard of Chyron? The salient facts are these: its ENGAGE suite of tools will allow broadcasters to make games, polls and Twitter battles on the fly as their shows go out.

Zeebox claims the deal will “boost the ability of broadcasters to offer TV programming that grabs the attention of viewers and fuels greater interactivity. The app gives broadcasters a single program-based destination where fans can chat, share, and interact.”

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One of the best TV apps we’ve seen in recent years is the X Factor’s, with its simple ‘tap to clap’ interactive section. If broadcasters can now throw together similar pre-built games at a moment’s notice, any show could become just as interactive without the cost of hiring a developer.

Keep an eye on Zeebox over the coming weeks: some fancy new elements are about to jazz up your viewing experience.

Via TheNextWeb

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