Just this morning we reported on word from the States that Apple is soon to update its iMac range. Quite how soon ‘soon’ is remains to be seen, but there’s clearly still time for rivals to  pump out their own offerings, as the HP Spectre One duly proves. 

The Spectre One is HP’s latest and prettiest ever all-in-one desktop. It’s a Windows 8 machine with a range of Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs, while each model comes with a 1GB Nvidia graphics card.

Design-wise, there’s no mistaking the Apple cues, here. Aside from the main chassis, the Spectre One comes bundled with a keyboard and trackpad that look almost identical to Apple’s official kit.

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That said, HP has given its new baby a couple of tricks. Alongside all the swipy-lefty-righty joy of Windows 8, the Spectre One’s base is NFC equipped, meaning you can dunk your phone on it (once initially tethered) to unlock the PC. Pretty swish.

There’s no disc drive or TV tuner, which may rule it out as a true media centre, but…well…it’s really pretty so we don’t especially care. The Spectre One will land in November for $1,299 (£812).

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