What’s better than wireless music streaming? How about wireless music streaming and charging at the same time? Welcome to the future, courtesy of Nokia.

There’s a lot of worry at the moment among Apple fans. The iPhone 5 looks like its about to drop with a much smaller dock connector, which will cause headaches for anyone with a bunch of iPod and iPhone docks about the house. Of course, one solution to that problem is AirPlay – the Bluetooth tech that lets you beam your tunes wirelessly. Except then there’s a new problem: you’re not charging.

It’s a conundrum that Nokia’s obviously put some thought to. Like the Palm Pre, the new Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 are equipped with wireless charging powers. That means that you’ll be able to drop them onto one of the Qi standard pads, and they’ll happily suck energy up through the air. Nice, right? It gets better.

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Nokia has inked a deal with JBL, to produce a wireless speaker system that not only uses NFC to stream your tunes, but charges your phone without the worry of dock connectors or compatible chargers.

The JBL Power Up allows Nokia owners to tap their phone to the edge to switch from phone playback to speaker playback, but the really clever part is that you can then simply place one of the two Lumias on top (it’s guided in place by an LED phone outline). Once there, it’ll continue to send your songs to the speaker and it’ll power up your phone from the mains, wirelessly.

In a time when having the wrong sized dock connector is an actual problem, I think we’ve just sniffed the future. There’s no word on price or availability yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

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