Microsoft’s many partners were left a bit peeved when the company unveiled its Surface tablets; it must have been a kick in the teeth to have to start competing against the company you’re making devices for in the first place. But that may have been just the start. It looks as though Microsoft may be about to drop a similar bomb on the mobile market.

A device known as the Microsoft Surface Phone has turned up on WP Bench. The mystery device apparently runs on Windows Phone 8, but that’s about all we know. And that’s really all we need to.

Microsoft Surface explained

Whilst this is still very much a rumour, the idea that Microsoft may take matters into its own hands within the mobile space is an interesting one. Microsoft and Nokia have famously struck up a decent partnership (and are holding a joint announcement tomorrow, no less), so the Redmond company going its own way? That might strain things.

Take all this with a grain of salt at the moment; it would be a risky move to go down the Apple route completely – doing so would further alienate manufacturers like Samsung and HTC when it comes to Windows Phone. We’ll keep you updated on more as we get it.

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  • Taras Dhedhi

    I suspect that if inial reaction to the lumina launch is lukewarm or the sales in the few weeks is bad the the green light will be go for microsoft.

    The remaining Q will be how much does Microsoft wants Nokia’s patents and is nokia now in a buyout state for microsoft. Or does Elop have to shave some more off to make nokia “attractive” to microsoft.

    Even if (as expected) the win8 platform flops, microsoft will buy nokia for patients ..

  • Anonymous

    I was really hoping for Nokia to “wow” us with the new Lumias, but I’m a bit underwhelmed. There are definitely some nice features–the glove-sensitive screens, the new camera, and the special apps–however, the lack of a microSD slot on the flagship phone is a big disappointment. Furthermore, while the Lumia hardware is striking & unique, it also looks a bit cheap (especially with the shiny coating). I think they should’ve, at least, released a phone that’s aimed a little bit more at adults. I don’t really want my phone to look like fruit… though I’m sure there’s a market for that (well, hopefully… for Nokia’s sake).
    I think a Microsoft-branded Surface Phone would attract people to its brick-and-mortar stores (and website), just like the Surface Tablet is likely to do… and that would be beneficial to all of Microsoft’s partners… and their products.

    Therefore, when it’s all said & done, the Surface products could actually be a boon to Microsoft’s partners. I hope they release a Surface Phone. I’d definitely consider buying one.

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