Whether you’re eyeing up the Nexus 7 or are waiting to see the iPad mini, our advice would be to hold of buying any tablets for a short while. Why? Well, while it’s definitely worth seeing what Apple pulls out of the bag, it appears as though Google’s got a surprise up its sleeve, too.

Probably the only serious criticism that can be leveled at the Google Nexus 7 is its lack of 3G. For such a portable device, not having mobile internet seems like a crippling decision. Thankfully, rumour has it that Google’s got your back.

According to Paul O’Brien at MoDaCo, Google and Asus are “in preparation for [3G device] launch in around 6 weeks.”

The Nexus 7 and the early adopter curse

That’s word from an anonymous-yet “well placed insider,” who claims that Google’s best defence against the mini iPad is a super-charged Nexus 7.

Whether this is a masterfully staggered approach to sales, or it’s just Google listening to and acting on feedback, the rumour points to a late October launch of the 3G Nexus 7, which should prove to be a real winner if it can continue to undercut Apple on price in the run up to Christmas.

Source: MoDaCo

  • http://www.geekstech.co.uk/ Wayne Lewis

    TBH i don’t care about it not having 3G as i have a Mifi which i can use to connect to the internet on the go (Best investment i ever did buying a Mifi) BUT the lack of micro SD is what 100% put me off from buying this. Yes its a good tablet but the lack of the micro SD is just silly where almost every other android tablet has a micro SD slot.

    • http://twitter.com/Patrick_J73 Patrick

      I was thinking that about micro sd slot. I had the Nexus 7 and only had 14gb left, but I got rid as I did not like the build of mine, I got the Galaxy tab 7 2 and it has microSd slot ( but didnot checkout the feature before buying ) but you cannot install apps to it, from what I read just about every tablet that has ics or jelly bean cannot install apps to the external memory.

      But my WM8850 cheapo £60 ebay tablet with ics can install to sd card which is odd.
      On the tab its only for music or photos or just about anything you can think of just not apps.
      I did try rooting and using apps2sd etc and non of them would move the data, just moved the app itself. And when the last game I downloaded for android was 1.7gb ( nova 3 ) thats not many apps on it. the Tab 7 2 only had just over 4gb free anyway.
      From what it looks like its only Mobiles phones running icsor Jelly bean that can install apps to sd, which to me is odd.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=756160057 Darren Hillman

    That was close, I nearly purchased a nexus 7 today…going to wait for 3G version now

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