We’re now less than a fortnight from the official iPhone 5 launch (if you believe your iPhone gossip), but if anything the rumours and leaks are accelerating. Case in point? The most solid looking video of the next iPhone yet.

The video below has an iPhone 5 in it. Or does it? The footage certainly seems to tie up with the leaked parts and designs we’ve seen so far. The handset has been provided by an ‘anonymous source’, but by all accounts seems fairly legit.

The taller, thinner chassis, the redesigned base and dock connector and even the ‘Connect to iTunes’ logo are all present and correct. The only suspicious part? The fact that the handset hasn’t been supplied with the new cable.

How to build yourself an iPhone 5

There’s two distinct possibilities now. Either all these leaks and parts are the real deal, or the whole thing has been a well-orchestrated plan to throw everyone off the trail. Either way, the truth will out by the middle of this month.

Source: Tweakers

  • dark Lord

    Enjoy ur tv remote

  • Tonygrooms

    Surely this would have the latest software on it and you wouldn’t need to connect to iTunes you could connect to iCloud instead like you can with all the current iOS devices

  • Anonymous

    Ugly, the iphone 5 will not be able to compete in looks with the HTC One X & Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Matt Hudson

    A massive leap forward in dullness

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