Cloud storage: how much is too much? The answer, so long as you can keep on top of all your passwords, is that there’s never too much. Obviously. Microsoft agrees, and has taken the step to get its SkyDrive service in the hands of even more backer-uppers. Enter the SkyDrive Android app…

“This new app for Android is similar to our mobile apps for Windows Phone and iOS and is a key part of making sure your SkyDrive files are accessible and shareable from all your devices,” Microsoft said as it announced the app.

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Sure enough, the app features the same Metro styling as you’ll find in its other interpretations. As with the Android version of Dropbox, SkyDrive will let you back up your pictures, videos and documents to the cloud for sharing or safe keeping.

Sign up now, and Microsoft will thrust 7GB of free storage your way – perfect for those nearing the end of their free storage with both Dropbox and Google Drive.

Link: Google Play Store

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