Google’s getting very serious about the Google Play Store. Since it shed the ‘Android Market’ monicker, the online store has gone from strength to strength, turning into a one-stop destination for all types of content. It seems only right, then, that Google should bring in a few new features to finally pull itself level with iTunes.

Screens and options found in the latest Google Play SDK have revealed a ‘Redeem’ action, which will allow users to turn Android Gift Cards into Play Store credit.

That presumably means that we’ll soon be able to wander into supermarkets and pick up gift cards for Android users to spend on apps, books, movies and (in the US) music.

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It’s a logical step in the right direction for the Play Store, which is now a far more sophisticated service than it used to be. On top of that, the Play Store will soon be getting Wishlist functionality, allowing you to save apps and other media to a list to buy later down the line. Like after payday.

With iOS 6 seeing the App Store undergo a big makeover, it’s good to see Google motoring to keep things fresh.

Source: Phone Arena

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