Where’s this massive HDTV from Apple, then? We’ve been waiting for the company to lift the lid on its rumoured display for a while now, but has it just completely changed its plans? The word is that getting more partners on board is now the main focus. Will Sky be among them?

According to the WSJ, which is usually pretty reliable when it comes to Apple news, the company is looking to court US cable suppliers to bump up the number of services that the current Apple TV box can provide.

Is this the Apple TV set?

While these are unlikely to be full services, Apple could well be looking to reproduce some of the success that the Xbox 360 has enjoyed in the field. Microsoft’s console has Verizon and Comcast apps in the US and Sky Go access here in the UK.

If this pans out, it’s not unreasonable to say that the Apple TV box could end up playing host to some kind of Sky offering, whether that means the full Sky Go gamut or just the Now TV streaming app. Either way, if a full HD Apple TV set is in the works, it’ll need to launch with a market-matching level of content on offer right out of the box.

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