The Sky+ app has always been a real godsend for anyone who’s forgotten to schedule that unmissable episode to record, but it’s just had an update that – for iPad owners at least – will see it evolve into something properly amazing…

The free Sky+ app for iPad has just today been gifted the power to control your Sky+ HD box, which means that you’ll still be able to scour the listings from your sofa, should you lose the proper remote.

Sky’s TV Product Director Luke Bradley Jones says that the company is “taking the Sky+ experience one step further, handing our customers even more control over their planner – not to mention being able to use the app to change  channel and play, pause and rewind their favourite TV.”

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But, tantalisingly, Bradley Jones says that this is “just the start,” suggesting that the company will be “following it up with a series of further enhancements later this year.” We really hope that means that the iPhone and Android versions of the app will be gifted the same remote controlling powers.

The Sky+ iPad app update should roll out today.

  • Si

    But Tivo has been able to do that for years… No hang on, Virgin won’t release it. Well done Sky.

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