Since Microsoft first unveiled its 10-inch Surface tablets, one question’s been on everyone’s lips: does it have what it takes to stand up against the might of the iPad? Well, if one amazing new rumour proves true, it could clean up. Is Microsoft taking a leap out of Amazon’s pricing book?

The Amazon Kindle Fire proved to be such an enormous success at launch for one main reason: it was cheap as the proverbial potato cuttings. Well, if word from an anonymous source is to be believed, Microsoft may well be about to recreate that success by launching the entry-level Surface RT at just $199 (£127), and swallowing up any difference in manufacturing costs.

That’s insane value for a flagship 10-inch tablet, and would rock the iPad’s podium something chronic. And the best thing is, it could well be completely true…

Microsoft Surface: Everything you need to know

Acer’s CEO JT Wang has been blasting Microsoft’s decision to cut out its partners and go it alone in the hardware business, and has actually be quoted as mentioning the $199 entry price. According to Wang, that would be disastrous to Acer, as well as the likes of Samsung and any other Windows 8 tablet vendors. Case in point: Toshiba has just announced that it no longer plans to make and such devices.

A 10-inch, Windows 8 tablet that doubles as a full-on computer for just £127? Yes please…

Source: Digitimes

  • Prithivi

    That’s a wise decision from Microsoft to maintain and provide devices with premium quality. To add up there are many unknown Chinese vendors for android and that spoils the market of premium android OS devices.

  • Josh Foster

    Well obviously it won’t be that low here but even £200 is insanely cheap. Who would but an iPad when you can get a better tablet with a better OS for so much less? The only advantage is the App Store and with prices this low Windows 8 will soon catch up.

  • Spatchcock

    If this is true I’ll hold off buying a Nexus 7

    • Patrick

      I have a Nexus 7 and I would never have got it if I knew how bad the build of the device was in real life. I have screen lift problem and the pixel wide black line popup every now and again, And first one I had had chipped glass display.
      The Galaxy tab 2 7″ can be got for £199 then claim the £30 cash back via pc world stores and that does feel miles better built plus its only 1000 lower than the Nexus 7 in quadrant standard free. the screen is lower res at 1024*600 but it feels solid and is still a dual core with same cpu as the Galaxy Note.

  • Paul

    They need to improve their “App Store” offering, its still miles behind the App Store to be a true contender, its all very well to have cheap hardware but without the support from the App developers people will go off it very quickly.

  • Rick

    That would be a great Price point. I’d definitely buy one. But it wouldn’t be my main PC.
    With the windows brand and livetiles “everything at a glance” interface it could easily work as a computer for those who didn’t really want a computer.

  • Rick

    Umm, is there actually ANYTHING AT ALL to substantiate the £127 price point?

    For a start $199 does not equate to £127 by anything other than exchange rate. Take any gadget on sale in the USA and we here in the UK do not get the “fair exchange rate price. More often than not $199 means £199.

    Second: “Acer’s CEO JT Wang has been blasting Microsoft’s decision to cut out its partners and go it alone in the hardware business, and has actually be quoted as mentioning the $199 entry price. ”

    Can you provide that quote? Saying that someone was quoted as saying something then not providing that quote is just lazy.

    • Sir Marky

      Don’t forget the US price is usually without any state VAT tax added. US prices are never the same from state to state.

      When it arrives in the EU there is additonal testing for our different safety standards on equipment, alternative electrical socket equipment to supply, manual translations, support and marketing for several languages. The dollar = sterling price isn’t, as some think, a straight replacement of currency symbol.

      £199 would still be a good price for the tablet. Now if I could only get Windows off it and Linux on….. :-)

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