Since Apple updated its MacBook range to include the Retina Display-toting 15-inch MacBook Pro, the obvious line of questioning has been to wonder when the iMac and Mac Pro desktops will get the same treatment. Very soon, if a newly uncovered string of code is to be believed – and there’s a surprise in store.

The code, which has been found in Boot Camp Assistant, sits buried inside Mountain Lion and seems to uncover a few brand new models. The MP60 has been identified as a new Mac Pro, while IM130 is reportedly a new iMac.

Details are incredibly thin on the ground, but there is strong evidence that these machines will, for the first time, land without an optical drive. Code relating to booting up from USB – rather than disc – seems to cement that.

Mountain Lion: An iPhone in your Mac?

Apple’s been on a mission to kill off the disc for some time now. The new 15-inch MacBook Pro is bereft of an optical drive, whilst all Macs since the redesigned MacBook Air have shipped with the OS back-up files on a USB, rather than a CD.

But we’ve still got that one question burning away: will this new iMac have a Retina Display? It seems like a no brainer. If anything, the delay in updating the all-in-one may well stem from the difficulties in producing ‘Retina Display’ certified screens in the sizes needed.

Either way, fans of Apple’s desktop range will be pleased to know that the next generation is on its way.

Source: Apple Insider

  • Bob Forsberg

    A 27″ iMac w/ Retina display would cost in excess of $3,500……nice to write about, difficult to build and distribute.

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