This is pretty unexpected news. When Google unveiled Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), by far the most impressive feature was the new Siri-aping Google Voice Search. Google’s blazing fast, tailored results are mighty impressive, so we never thought the company would end up bringing the tech to the iPhone. Well you know what? We stand corrected.

Google’s search app for iOS is about to get updated to include Android 4.1’s most show off-able feature. Currently, the app allows you to search Google via voice, but the difference will be in just how that’s presented, and how quickly you can get to what you want.

Whereas the answer to ‘how big is the moon’ will simply show a Google search results page in the current app, the update will inject a hint of the new ‘cards’ aesthetic, and will show the exact answer, read aloud by Google. But there’s plenty more on offer:

It’s frankly amazing that Google’s giving iOS users the one thing that currently makes Android 4.1 stand out (aside from the more personal Google Now). But then, search traffic is search traffic whichever way you slice it. Look out for the imminent iOS app update.


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  • Anonymous

    It is really a shock? Google are, and will always be, a search engine first and foremost. In terms of where those searches are coming from they need to be platform agnostic.

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