Sky’s a wee bit excited about the fact that it’s managed to wrangle the James Bond license away from ITV. So excited, in fact, that it’s decided to launch a brand new channel and pack it to the rafters with the world’s favourite secret agent. Time to get your supplies in – we’re all in for a movie marathon.

To celebrate the 50th year of Bond’s cinematic outings (Dr No was released on 5th October 1962), alongside the impending release of Skyfall, Sky is prepping Sky Movies 007 HD, a channel that’ll exclusively show the titular agent’s escapades.

Throughout October, Sky customers will be able to watch the ever-changing face of Bond saunter through 22 official and 2 non-official missions on the channel itself, while Anytime Plus, Sky Go and Now TV users will be able to pick and choose on demand.

Now TV’s secret future revealed

Director of Sky Movies Ian Lewis says that the offering will show “the entire catalogue of films and loads of extra material.” Time to stock up on movie-watching supplies (popcorn, vodka martinis, etc). And perhaps some shades to shield you from Roger Moore’s leathery high definition face.

Sky Movies 007 HD will launch on 5 October. For Queen and country, James. To get you in the mood, here’s the latest Skyfall trailer:

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