There’s gold in them there hills. Well, there is if by ‘gold’ you mean ‘actual currency’ and by ‘hills’ you mean ‘mobile and social gaming markets’. Amazon knows this, which is why it’s just announced its own gaming studio. With the might of a company like Amazon joining the act, surely the days of the handheld console are numbered?

To be clear, the newly announced Amazon Game Studios’ first title is not a mobile game. Living Classics, which is a fairly simplistic Facebook game about cartoon foxes trapped in classic novels, isn’t destined for a mobile release. But this is just the beginning.

There’s already a groundswell of fans asking for a Kindle Fire version of the game and, while nothing’s been yet announced, you can bet the farm that Amazon’s new studio will eventually move into the mobile space. Especially if the rumoured Amazon phone becomes a reality.

Amazon Smartphone incoming

And who can blame it? There’s huge, Angry Birds-style stacks of money to be harvested in the mobile market. Amazon has a lot of power, money and resources, so the company entering the gaming market – even with a simple opening offering – is big news.

The future for dedicated handheld consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and Sony PS Vita is becoming more and more uncertain. If the biggest studios in the world all start turning their attentions to mobile and tablet gaming instead, that’ll only make things worse. Time to place your bets: how long before Amazon’s new team leave the confines of Facebook and produce a chart-topping mobile game?

Either way, we’re keen to see just how big Amazon Game Studios ends up.

Link: Amazon gaming

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