The next title in the Real Racing series of mobile games is on the way from EA and Firemonkeys. The first trailer’s just dropped. It’s a bit special. 

Do you remember when the first trailers for the original Gran Turismo launched? Remember feeling like game graphics had hit their peak? How times have changed. Nowadays you can get far more polished-looking titles on your phone – a fact that the Real Racing games duly prove.

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We’ve just seen the first trailer for Real Racing 3 and, frankly, we’re a little blown away by the fact that it’s all footage taken from a mobile game. Think that’s a bit hyperbolic? Take a look yourself:

Real Racing 3 will be landing soon, and will bring with it a selection of real world tracks (including Silverstone), alongside the ability to race against up to 21 other cars at once, as shown in the trailer.

EA say that the game “harnesses the full power of mobile hardware to produce a beautiful racing environment,” and we’re inclined to agree. Is this the best looking mobile game you’ve ever seen? Let us know below.

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