Facebook gets a bad rap sometimes. The social network’s headlines tend to veer on the negative, so it’s easy to forget some of the amazing stuff that it allows its users to do to change and document their lives.

If only there was a dedicated site to showcase those stories. Oh wait…

Earlier this week we reported that Facebook’s started slapping paranoid polls on random user’s accounts to try and figure out if the public trusts it or not. Along with recent news that some 83 million Facebook accounts are fake and word of a massive shares slump, the site’s not having the best of weeks.

How do you combat that? Easy: find a way to broadcast Facebook’s virtues. That’s exactly where Facebook Stories comes in. The site is a monthly, curated online magazine filled with thematic highlights pulled from the social network’s own user stories.

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“By spotlighting these stories, we hope to inspire people to find new uses for these technologies within their own lives,” said the official Facebook statement. Translation? The world’s biggest online social network wants people to think it’s awesome once again.

Stories will focus on a specific theme every month (the first being ‘remembering’), and will fill its pages with amazing tales of how Facebook has benefitted some of its 950 million users. Alongside standard editorial there’ll be video content, infographics, book lists and a tailored Spotify playlist. You can also submit your own story, for consideration in future content.

Does Facebook Stories make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, or does it leave you cold? Let us know below.

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