Siri’s impressive and all that, but we’re almost a year down the line and the voice assistant still isn’t doing half of the jobs we’d quite like it to. If you’re sick of waiting for Apple to pull its finger out, you could break in and supercharge Siri yourself. A new app for the jailbroken out there looks to do just that, giving the voice assistant a real shot in the arm.

AssistantExtensions, which is available on the Cydia store for jailbroken iPhones, is an app that gives Siri several cool new powers that, by all rights, it should have had officially a long time ago.

Install the app, and you’ll instantly be able to use new voice commands. ‘Tweet’ followed by your message will do as you’d expect, for one, while you’ll also be able to get Apple’s affable butler to launch any app with the ‘launch’ command.

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But let’s go deeper. If you download SbSettings from Cydia, you’ll be able to use it with AssistantExtensions and make Siri fiddle about with your phone’s settings. This’ll let you ‘turn on’ or ‘turn off’ WiFi, Bluetooth and the like.

If you feel like mucking about, you can also have a one-on-one by saying ‘let’s chat’. Just make sure you say ‘goodbye’ at the end, or you’ll be locked in talks forever.

It’s early days for AssistantExtensions. As you can imagine, the app’s in a race against Apple, in terms of who can get the best features to the voice assistant first. In future updates, AE will enable users to fully scour their social networks, search through specific apps like YouTube, as well as using Siri to control Apple TV.

Over to you, Apple…

Link: AssistantExtensions

  • Samsungblue

    “the voice assistant still isn’t doing half of the jobs we’d quite like it to”

    Like understanding anything most people with a slight accent say. It does do one thing well though, make the users look like chumps when they show their new retarded assistant off.

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