Never let it be said that RIM rushes into things. When it comes to tablets and software, the company has a turnaround time similar to the evolution of man. The second iteration of its Playbook line has been a long time coming, but is it now just around the corner?

Newly leaked pictures show a 10-inch version of the PlayBook, with an iPad-like aspect ratio and a meaty bezel for gesture-based navigation. Other than the change in size, this looks almost identical to the original PlayBook. So what’s with the hold up?

Apple’s managed to get to its third iPad in just a little bit more than the time it’s taken RIM to produce its second. But then, the problem here is likely to do with software. The recently-leaked roadmap revealed that the 10-inch PlayBook was due in Q3 2012, but with RIM’s BB10 OS now pushed back into 2013, that’s looking less likely.

BB10 revealed in detail

And that’s a major problem. This tab is likely to launch whenever BB10 does, but if the hardware’s been idly sitting around in a finished state for this long, it’ll be incredibly dated when it does hit the shelves.

RIM’s hanging in the balance these days. If it wants to survive, it’ll need to hit both the next PlayBook and BB10 out of the park. With the two out of sync, however, this is looking more and more like a huge challenge.

Source: Tinh Te


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