A host of prototype designs have emerged from the Apple vs Samsung court trial, and they provide a fascinating insight into the iPhone and iPad design process.

One iPhone prototype bears a Sony logo, and in another this has been changed to ‘Jony’, in a nod to Jony Ive, the Apple designer. And one early version of the iPad had a kickstand, like the bikes we had as kids.

According to the filing, the Sony-inspired iPhone design was the brainchild of Apple’s Shin Nishibori, and won out against a more metallic, iPod-esque device.

Another proto-iPhone has an elongated body, and goes by the codename N90. The screen looks smaller than the 3.5-incher found on the iPhone we all know and love, and there’s space for a keypad. Yet another has squared-off corners, like a shrunken version of the Motorola Xoom tablet.

The iPad, meanwhile, features a kickstand on the back for propping it up, among other wacky designs. Nice.

So it seems Apple went through a lot of possibles before plumping on the final iPhone and iPad designs. Makes you wonder what it’s cooking up for the next iPhone.

Source: Engadget

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