Sky has announced an update to its Sky+ app on iPad that’ll let you use your tablet as a remote control. A rather large remote control, but a remote control nonetheless.

When the update rolls out later this summer, you’ll be able to pause and rewind shows by using your iPad’s touchscreen. Very handy.

And if you’ve got a Sky+ HD box, you’ll be able to view your planner (i.e. TV guide) on your iPad too, and add or delete shows without interrupting what you’re watching on the TV screen. Nice.

Sky has announced another couple of updates as well. From today, kids’ shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, Ben10 and iCarly (us neither) are available on Sky Go, Sky’s service that lets you watch on your mobile or tablet. It’s part of a deal with eight children’s channels, including Cartoon Network, the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. Eight more live kids’ channels will be added next month, letting you watch the shows as they’re broadcast.

Sky Anytime+ – Sky’s catch-up service – will also add Channel 5 to its roster later this year. So you’ll be able to watch Big Brother if you missed it, should you want to. It previously announced BBC and ITV shows will be added to the service this year too.

Sky has also announced its full-year results, including a record 10.6 million Sky customers, and a record 28.4 million subscriptions. Sky Broadband has also passed 4 million customers.

  • Toastie

    The sony tablet S has been able to do this since it came out its called an IR remote Apple playing catch-up as always

  • Fred

    Not quite true.. What Sony did was become a programmable remote sending IR signals… iPhone and iPad have been able to do that for a while with a little app and bolt n.
    What this is, is an app that connects to you via wifi (we assume); that’s now a different story.

  • Anonymous

    Now make it for Android

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