Windows 8 has an official launch date! Microsoft’s next operating system will touch down on October 26th, nicely in time for Christmas. So expect a slew of new PCs and tablets running the OS to launch around the same time, including Microsoft’s own Surface tablet.

Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky made the announcement at the company’s annual sales meeting, and a few minutes later it was posted on its official blog.

Microsoft has a lot staked on Windows 8. So much so, it’s chosen to make its own tablet in the form of the Surface, and after seeing what its partners had come up with as well. Which we can image will have left some of its partners not best pleased.

From the previews, Windows 8 does look a huge step in the right direction for Microsoft, and could help it win back those users turned off by Windows 7 and all its bugs. It has a far cleaner look than Windows 7 too, which was full of reflections and chrome-plating. Instead, Microsoft has gone for a stripped-back, clean look, closer to Gmail’s since its recent redesign.

As well as the standard desktop version, there’s a version optimised for tablets; it features the tile-based Metro UI, that’s not a million miles away from the Windows Phone interface.

Are you excited about Windows 8? Let us know in the comments.

Source: BBC

  • StuPC

    “help it win back those users turned off by Windows 7 and all its bugs” – do you mean Vista? Vista was a dog of an OS, but Windows 7 is great – good enough that I’m still wondering what there is to tempt me to Windows 8…

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