Another week, another iPhone 5 rumour. While recent whispers have concerned themselves with the launch date (August or September, apparently), today’s nugget of news is back to all things display size. Only this time it’s not the diagonal inches we’re talking about. Is the iPhone 5 set to be the thinnest slither of mobile tech this side of the original Motorola Razr?

The news comes from the usually-reliable Wall Street Journal, who’ve got sources aplenty at Sharp, LG and Japan Display, who’re reportedly manufacturing Apple’s super screens. According to the report, the iPhone 5 will sport a far thinner display, thanks to tech that removes the need for an external touch sensor;

“The technology integrates touch sensors into the LCD,” writes the WSJ, “making it unnecessary to have a separate touch-screen layer. The absence of the layer, usually about half a millimeter thick, not only makes the whole screen thinner, but the quality of displayed images would improve, said DisplaySearch analyst Hiroshi Hayase.”

Video leak reveals iPhone 5 design

Put simply, we’re looking at what may well be a far shinier Retina Display that’s around a millimeter thinner. The current iPhone design has the casing flush with the display, so it stand to reason that a thinner screen will allow for a thinner device.

With speculation suggesting that the iPhone 5 will land in just a couple of months, we’d imagine that any manufacturing work will already be well underway. If all the rumours we’ve been hearing come true, the iPhone 5’s going to be a monster.

  • JR

    Have you actually seen the dozens of iPhone5 case images floating around? It’s nowhere near the thinnest smartphone ever.

  • Stephen

    1mm thinner is hardly any reason to call it a monster, prepare to be disappointed.. The only reason these early release dates have been announced is to try and stem the flow of iPhone users to Android, notably GS3 sales.

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