We hot-footed it down to the launch of Now TV this morning, and weren’t disappointed by what we saw. It’s basically an online on-demand films service that promises to be Sky Movies without the contract.

You can opt for the all-you-can-eat Movie Pass option – encompassing five premieres a week along with the full catalogue of 1,000 movies – for £15 a month. Or you can rent movies from 99p to £3.49 a go. That’s in line with Netflix and Lovefilm.

There’s no contract, and it launches tomorrow, so you can try it for yourself then. It’ll be available on Android, PC, Mac, and YouView straight from the off. iOS will get the service later this month, and Xbox 360 owners will be able to access it through their consoles “soon”.

Sports and TV shows will be available through the service by the end of the year.

YouView explained

There’s one snag: it’s not HD on all platforms. If you’re watching via your Xbox, you’re in luck as it’ll be 720p, but elsewhere you’ll be stuck with standard definition via adaptive bitrate tech.

That seems a little backwards in this day and age, especially if you’re watching on YouView, as standard definition on a big screen is going to look pretty shoddy. Sky’s more concerned with making sure there’s no buffering – HD footage could slow down streaming on 3G or less-than-brilliant WiFi connections.

We chatted to Simon Creasy, director of Now TV, who let us in on some of the service’s secret future updates, so stay tuned for the full interview this afternoon.

  • James Holland

    I like everything except the logo, which looks like it came from a Best of 1998 compilation CD.

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