There have been rumours about a smaller iPad ever since the original launched back in 2010. And a sequel to the Amazon Kindle Fire has been expected for a while now, but the latest we’re hearing is it’ll be bigger than the iPad, with a 10-inch screen.

The smaller iPad will also be priced ridiculously low, according to the source. Is it just us, or are Apple and Amazon adopting each other’s business models?

The iPad is big, the Kindle Fire small. The iPad is pricey, the Kindle Fire affordable. See, it’s simple. But now Apple and Amazon seem hellbent on confusing everything by launching models that ape their rivals’.

According to “a developer briefed on Amazon’s plans”, Amazon is working on a sequel to the Kindle Fire, and it’ll have a larger screen; expected to be 10.1-inches, which would be bigger than Apple’s iPad. And it might even launch before the end of the month.

The iPad, meanwhile, is coming down in size, according to the same report. It’s expected to be 7.85-inches, which tallies with what we were hearing previously about it being around the 7- to 8-inch mark. Faced with far cheaper competition from the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7, this smaller iPad is also expected to cost “significantly less” than its bigger brother.

Amazon only makes a very slight profit on each Kindle Fire, enabling it to sell it cheap. It makes its money from the ebooks, movies and TV shows people buy from its Amazon website to enjoy on the device. If Apple follows suit, bankrolling the iPad mini with profits from iTunes, this could be really bad news for the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7. Who wouldn’t buy a cheap iPad?

Source: The New York Times

  • Patrick

    I’ve gone nack to ios after trying a number of tablets and android smartphones, I got sick of lack of updates and the fact even when the mobile i had, could play the game and had the spec, google or the app maker woul dnot allow it to as it was n ot a top branded Phone.
    at least the 3gs I have now can even run gta 3 and better. And pocket minecraft

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