And you thought it was just for reading. Some enterprising modders have got busy with the Amazon Kindle Fire, and have managed to get Android Jelly Bean running on the tablet.

They’ve even posted a walkthrough, should you want to try it for yourself. Check out the video of it in action after the break.

It’s not perfect. There are some bugs, videos don’t run amazingly, and there are some issues with the Wi-Fi. But hey – for a first go it’s not bad at all. And it’s about as close as you’re going to get to a Nexus 7 without shelling out £160.

Here it is in action.

We have to stress that if you do try it for yourself, you do so at your own risk. It’s not an official download, so there is the chance it could completely ruin your Kindle Fire.

All the files you’ll need are over at the xdadevelopers forum. And for the walkthrough, head over to Lilliputing.

This isn’t the first time the Kindle Fire has got a taste of Android early. In February, someone made it play nice with Ice Cream Sandwich, the previous build of Android. Though again, it was unofficial, so your warranty will be about as useful as a deckchair in monsoon season.

Android smartphones are dominating at the moment, accounting for at least half the mobiles sold in the UK, Germany, US, France, Italy, Spain and Australia. That’s according to the excellently-named Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. Google’s mobile OS is massive in Spain, taking up 84.1 percent of all sales. And expect this to grow once everyone gets their hands on Jelly Bean.

Source: CNET

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